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Purchases made through a Let’s Get Lathered! Ambassador.

Let’s Get Lathered! ambassadors are self-employed and supply the products to their customers. They also may make hampers, gift sets, sample packs and may add “extras” to hampers which are not supplied / provided by Let’s Get Lathered! If you have a complaint or query relating to your order – in the first instance, please contact the person you purchased from. If the issue is not resolved, then please contact us via the contact form.

Let’s Get Lathered! cannot be held responsible for the actions of self-employed ambassadors we provide information relating to the products we retail and provide images, however we have terms and conditions that we do expect our consultants to adhere to and if you have an issue you cannot resolve amicably we will intervene in order to try and resolve.

To view our ambassador Terms & Conditions please click here - Brand Ambassadors | Let's Get Lathered! (


Descriptions of our products.

We have taken our time to best describe and show all items as accurately as possible. Despite this, a slight variation in items may occur. Every product is handmade meaning every batch can be different. Our products may not all be perfect, some may contain small cracks in the surface, they may crumble a small amount and colours/shapes can often vary, this is what makes them unique and personal! None of this will affect the way they perform. All of our product information and ingredients are provided on the website but if there is any further information you require please contact us via the contact form.


Use of our products with medical conditions.

A frequently asked question about our products is whether they are hypoallergenic or good for sensitive skin – all we can say is that these terms cover a huge range and it is not possible to say whether one person may react with a product when another person may not. What we would advise is – you know better what your skin reacts to – check the ingredients list or ask for information about the product you are interested in and if you want to purchase always do a patch test. We do not advise our reps to give recommendations for products.

Delivery and other information.

Items listed on the website are in pound sterling and we ship to the UK only. If, within 3 working days of you placing your order, we discover that any of the items are unavailable, we will email you to request if you would like an alternative item or refund, if a refund is chosen it will be processed within 3 working days. If we do not receive a reply within 14 days, the order will be cancelled and refunded in full. The refund will be credited back to your original method of payment.

Orders are aimed to be delivered within 3-5 working days after dispatch. Postal orders can take up to 7 working days to arrive after an order is placed. We use a variety of couriers which will all depend on the weight of your order.

We use new and recycled packaging when sending our orders. Depending on the size of the order, the items get delivered in unbranded envelopes or boxes, these may be recycled to prevent excess waste.


Your Right of Cancellation You have the right to cancel your order at any time up to 14 days after receipt of your goods, in line with your statutory rights. You will be responsible for returning the goods in their original condition and on receipt of these goods, you will be refunded in full for your order, minus postage and packaging costs.



Refunds will not be issued where bath bombs or similar items are cracked or are not perfectly spherical. Cracks and small imperfections are present on most handmade bath bombs, again we believe this makes them unique. This in no way effects their primary function, however, may affect it cosmetically in appearance.

Refunds will of course be issued if the item is broken or smashed, please take a photo of effected item and return and we will issue a complete refund.


Wrong Item(s) Delivered

If, by mistake we supply you with an incorrect item, you must notify us within 7 days via email.


Goods Delivered but customer claiming they have not received.

When goods are delivered by couriers and Royal Mail the tracking is updated to reflect such. (Not all Royal Mail orders have full tracking)

If you claim that your order has not been received, we will contact the courier and report the complaint. We will contact you to advise of the couriers’ investigation and the outcome, and if a signature has been received, we will send you a copy of the electronic signature and name in order to try and trace the parcel.

If you have been left a “left with neighbour” cards /tracking, then please check with neighbours to see if received. If not there, In these incidences we would advise you to contact Police if no trace of parcel with neighbour as this would be classed as “stolen”. As legally you are the owner of the parcel (you paid for it) it will be you that reports to police – we will of course provide you with all the information you need to do this. If your item is damaged or stolen after the courier has left your order in ‘a safe place’ as per your request we are unable to refund you for your order as leaving you are liable for your parcel if you choose for the courier to leave it if you are not in. Please note that all couriers take photographs of where they leave your parcel if you are not in.


Returns Policy

Please note, as stated above, in the event of an item arriving damaged contact must be made to ourselves in writing (via email or contact forms) and we will advise whether a return is necessary. We will request photographic evidence of all damages. Items should be returned in their original packaging and ‘as new’. Email for return information. Return P&P costs must be paid for in full by yourself.


Misuse of Goods

Cosmetic Use Disclaimer

We make every reasonable effort to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up to date. The material here is intended to provide general information and users are advised to seek further legal guidance before acting or relying on the contents. We disclaim all liability for loss and/or damage that may result from the use of information contained on this site.

All bath bombs contain body safe colourants and fragrances should not stain either a person or a bathtub. As with all bath products – please rinse bath after use to remove any particles (eg glitter) and any remnant of colour. Please make sure your bath is clean before use, eg a “tide mark” on a bath may attract more colour than a clean surface. If your bathtub is painted or damaged, it is advisable to avoid bath bombs with colour as the porous areas will attract the colour and prove difficult to remove. All our products use either water soluble dyes or mica in their products. Bath bombs are highly coloured products and as such transference can occur to skin or clothing if handling when wet, please note that they are only temporary discolouring to skin and will not cause any lasting staining.

Please note that if you have sensitive skin – you are always advised to check ingredients and then carry out a skin test – dampen a small part of the bath bomb and rub on inner arm – check 24 hours later for any reaction. Often children can have sensitive skin, so it is always best to do a skin test on any new product. Fragrance oils, can have any one of 26 known allergens in (proved to cause irritation / rash / discomfort).

All products are for external use only. Bath bombs are not suitable for children under 3yrs.

Let’s Get Lathered! will not be held responsible for any personal injuries that occur from the misuse of goods advertised on this website

Wholesale Inquiries

If you are interested in becoming a wholesaler for Let's Get Lathered, please contact us. 

Payment Methods

Credit / Debit Cards  - PAYPAL - Offline Payments

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